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Home Insurance in Elk River & Waite Park, MN

Being able to afford your dream home in Minnesota, have a decent living space, and run regular maintenance is no small achievement. We know how much your home means to you and your family — the memories, the ambiance, and the considerable investment you’ve put into making your dream home a reality. But have you thought about protecting your home in case of an emergency? 

You deal with heavy snow, winds, ice accumulation, tornadoes, and floods regularly that threaten the safety of your family and home assets. Getting Minnesota homeowners insurance will shield you from any of these if you face natural disasters, theft, or vandalism.


Our passionate patriots believe that obtaining complete Minnesota home insurance coverage in Minnesota is a step in the right direction. While we all hope that no disaster or destruction will befall our homes, life often occurs outside our control. Instead of funding replacement costs out-of-pocket, why not save you and your family the trouble and rest easy when unprecedented damages hit your home?

Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Minnesota


The average cost of homeowners insurance in the state stands around $1,634 per year for a policy with $250,000 in dwelling coverage. Primary contributing factors are that most Minnesota residents own rather than rent homes and the state’s unique weather. Keep in mind that each region has its rate, such as Elk River, Waite Park, Minneapolis, and Saint Paul.

Having adequate homeowners insurance is essential for every homeowner. However, homeowners insurance costs in Minnesota depend on your home’s size, coverage needs, and city location. Often, we come across many Minnesota homeowners who are not sure what type of coverage is best for their homes.

Based on your budget, property type, and zip code, our home insurance experts help you pick out homeowners insurance premiums that are most suited to you. We also help you compare rates among different insurance providers. Note also that the cost of your home insurance premium may be determined based on the requirements of your mortgage provider, as they often require specific types of coverage.

This request is usually based on your property type. In addition to these, we often advise Minnesota homeowners to go for additional coverage, such as flood insurance, storm damage (wind, hail, and rain), and identity theft protection.

Home Insurance in Elk River, MN

Homeowners living in the Elk River area of Minnesota pay an annual average of around $1400 for homeowners insurance coverage. Your basic policy for protection against damages to your home is the deciding factor of your estimate. It can also vary depending on your chosen carrier. Mortgage lenders may also require this coverage.

We work with several insurance companies to bring you the best homeowners insurance in Elk River. And without forgetting to plan in line with your budget, we strive to give you the best premium policies at the most competitive rates.


Home Insurance in Waite Park, MN

With a second office location in Waite Park, we dedicate our team to bring you and other Waite Park residents. The average cost of homeowners insurance premium in Waite Park, Mn, varies from $800-$1000 per year.

As a dependable homeowners insurance broker, we help you fight for affordable rates for homeowners insurance in Waite Park. When you choose our comprehensive home insurance packages, you can rest easy even when your home is under attack or has just suffered a disastrous hit.

Your Minnesota Home Insurance
Coverage Options


Having us take care of your Minnesota home insurance needs gives you access to the following coverage options: 

  • Property insurance
  • Personal property coverage
  • Renters insurance
  • Homeowners liability
  • Mobile home insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Landlords insurance
  • Sewer and drain backup coverage
  • Personal injury coverage
  • Dwelling coverage

We also fight for extended coverage options and customized insurance offerings, such as in-home business insurance. You can also choose to bundle your life insurance or auto insurance plans into your Minnesota home insurance coverage.

Why Choose Patriot Insurance Brokers for Your Homeowners Insurance?

Partnerships with Top-Tier Homeowners Insurance Companies in Minnesota: We partner with the best insurance providers in Elk River and Waite Park to bring you unbeatable offers. Our insurance patriots at both locations work hard to represent your interests when collating homeowners insurance rates.

Passionate, Personalized Customer Service for a Lifetime: Our patriots support you through our three-step home insurance process the entire way and continue our same excellent service for a lifetime. We are excited to walk you through the process of making the best choice for your Minnesota homeowners insurance coverage.

Insurance Premiums Tailored According to Your Needs: we don’t just shop around for insurance offers; we ensure to bring you the best offers, tailored precisely to your need and in line with your budget. What is your homeowners’ insurance needs today? Let us help you do the heavy lifting while you sit back and reap the benefits.

Guaranteed Replacement Cost Policy: With comprehensive coverage options for your home and personal property, we also offer you the opportunity to add to your dwelling coverage with our guaranteed replacement cost policies.

We Can Craft Your Custom Home Policy

When you choose to work with our Patriots, we assess your home insurance needs and compare with dozens of carrier plans. Then, we customize the perfect home insurance package with coverage to protect your home and belongings. Our team cares about getting exactly what you need and serving you for a lifetime.

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