Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance in Elk River, MN

Commercial property insurance protects your business assets from unexpected damage. Business property insurance can protect your building, signage, inventory, business personal property, and more from things like fire, storm damage, and vandalism. Patriot Insurance Brokers has the expertise to ensure your business is protected from mother nature and the unexpected. We offer comprehensive commercial property insurance within the Patriot Business Protection Program.

Patriot Insurance Brokers has partnered with several top-tier commercial insurance companies in order to offer elite protection, yet remain flexible enough to meet our clients’ changing lifestyles.

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Commercial Property Insurance Coverage

Building Coverage
Covers damage to your building from things like weather or vandalism.
Signage Coverage
Covers damage to your business signage.
Business Personal Property
Covers damage to your office furniture, computers, and other property contained in your office.
Inventory Coverage
Covers damage to inventory stored in your business.
Tools & Equipment Coverage
Covers your tools and other equipment. Coverage can be added for tools that travel with you.
Property in Your Custody
Covers damage to property owned by others that are in your care.
And More
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