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Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Home Insurance in Elk River, MN

Your home is your castle, where your family grows, and likely one of your largest assets. Given this importance, home insurance is one of the 3 cornerstones of the Patriot Protection Program, along with auto and umbrella insurance.


Foundation of the Patriot Protection Program

Umbrella Insurance

Auto Insurance

Home Insurance

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Patriot Insurance Brokers has partnered with several top-tier homeowners insurance companies in order to offer elite protection, yet remain flexible enough to meet our clients’ changing lifestyles. 

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Umbrella Coverage

Home Insurance Coverage

Personal Liability Coverage
Pays if you’re liable for damages to another party.
Personal Property Coverage
Pays for damage to your personal items, like clothes, furniture, electronics, and more.
Dwelling Coverage
Pays to repair or replace your home and other attached structures, like an attached garage.
Other Structures Coverage
Pays to repair or replace other structures on your property, not connected to your home, like sheds or detached garages.
Personal Injury Coverage
Pays for libel and/or slander damages to another party.
Sewer and Drain Backup Coverage
Pays for damage caused by water backup from a sewer, drain, or faulty sump.
Jewelry Protection Coverage
Pays for lost, stolen, or damaged jewelry, like rings and watched.
Guaranteed Replacement Cost
Pays the full cost to replace your home, even if the amount listed on the policy is insufficient.
And More
There are many coverage options that may be needed depending on your risk characteristics.

Properties Covered

Single Family Homes
Duplexes / Triplexes
Vacation Homes
Rental Properties
High Value Homes
And More

Discounts Available

Alarm & Protective Devices
Gated Community
New Roof
And More