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Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Car Insurance in Elk River, MN

Driving is so routine that it’s easy to forget about the major risks it poses. Because of those risks, car insurance is one of the 3 cornerstones of the Patriot Protection Program, along with home and umbrella insurance.


Foundation of the Patriot Protection Program

Umbrella Insurance

Auto Insurance

Home Insurance


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Patriot Insurance Brokers has partnered with several top-tier auto insurance companies in order to offer elite protection, yet remain flexible enough to meet our clients’ changing lifestyles. 

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Umbrella Coverage

Car Insurance Coverage

Auto Liability Coverage
Pays when you are at fault for damages and/or injuries to another.
Collision Coverage
Pays to repair your vehicle if it’s damaged in a car accident.
Comprehensive Coverage
Pays to repair your vehicle if it’s damaged from things other than a collision, like hail.
Roadside Assistance
Pays for towing, jump starts, unlocks, and more if your vehicle becomes disabled.
Rental Reimbursement
Pays for a rental car while your car is unusable due to a covered accident.
New Car Replacement
If your newer car is totaled, it pays for a brand new car without deductions for depreciation.
Full Safety Glass
Pays to repair or replace your windshield with no deductible.
Loan / Lease Payoff
If your vehicle is totaled and valued at less than the balance of your loan or lease, it pays the difference.
And More
There are a multitude of coverage options that may be right for you.